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Moving Forward

James Neal


It’s been a hell of a year. I’ve lived in three different places, worked three different jobs, entered a new relationship, and started grad school. I’ve barely used any time this year to take pictures or make music, and I’ve hardly even touched an instrument in months. Hell, other than adding two or three photos, I haven’t even updated this site since May. All of the artistic plans I had completely fell through, and I’ve been left trying to find any sort of motivation for most of the year.

Well, I’m finally making an attempt at being creative again. Schoolwork takes a lot out of me, but I’ve been playing more since the semester ended, and I really hope to continue making time for it when the next semester begins. ‘

I do have some things coming up soon, though! I’m in the middle stages of a new cover/collaboration, and may actually be able to drop some new original music soon, as well!

I’m going to really try to start updating things at least SOMEWHAT regularly again, but I can’t make any promises right now, simply due to my state of mind.

Hope to see you guys again soon, thanks for being patient.


A Deserved Explanation

James Neal

Okay so... hi? I guess. It's been a while, and I gots so 'splainin' to do. 

So, around September I started a job that was, honestly, awful. During the last few months of the year, we were so absurdly busy that I didn't have a lot of time or energy to do anything. This led to me just NOT doing anything. At all. For months. 

Then, it slowed down and I DID have time... and I registered for the GRE. There was a span of about six months where I didn't do much music for myself, I didn't take pictures, I didn't do ANYTHING. I shut myself off.

Now, here we are in May. I took the GRE last weekend and I think I did well enough to get into my intended program. I'm currently living with my parents and not stressing too much over money. I'm working a job that is MUCH better than my last one, and I'm excited to be moving back to Boone in August. 

All of this being said, I'm hoping to actually start putting out some content again. I dunno what or when... but I'll get there! 

UPDATE: February 26, 2018

James Neal

I'm SO bad at remembering to update this thing. I'm trying, I really am!

A bit of an update that I've been meaning to get out for a while now: I'm taking a short break from making music. Don't worry, I'm not giving it up or anything. For a while now, though, I've really been forcing myself to try to sit down and work on stuff, so it hasn't felt very natural and therefore hasn't been very productive. 

Also, I registered today to take the GRE to get into grad school... so I have lots of studying to do. Hopefully, I'll be posting regular content some time in a few months! 

Thanks for being patient, guys. 

Whoo, boy!

James Neal

Whoa, I forgot I have a website kinda. I'll try to start updating regularly again.

Work has been kicking my ass recently. The job I mentioned back in August sadly didn't work out. There were no hard feelings when I left, as everyone that I worked with was incredible. They all just made me feel so motivated and driven. Unfortunately, the position just wasn't a good fit for me. 

Instead, I picked up a job through a staffing agency and I've been there since, just attempting to make/save some money while I figure things out. I've been feeling a lot better mentally and emotionally the last couple of weeks, though, and I'm starting to really have fun with music and art stuff again. I know it's after New Years, but at the end of this post check out a fun video I just put together for the holidays!

To update those who don't know, I'm planning on going back to school. I realized that my current education and skill set aren't going to get me to the place in life that I want to be at, so I intend to go back to Appalachian State to work on a Master's in Business Administration, and I'll concentrate in either International Business or Business Analytics. I'm actually super excited for it!

Also, I've been working a lot recently with a great songwriter named Ed! Check his stuff out here:

Thanks for reading guys. I'll try to stay more on top of the updates from now on! Enjoy this somewhat silly medley of Christmas carols, and check out the other new stuff on the channel!


Oh, yeah!

James Neal

Right! I forgot to mention I managed to get a job here in Nashville! It's not music related, but I'm totally okay with that. I'm doing marketing and sales for a company called Brilliant Solutions. I'm in training currently, and I'm looking forward to my future with the company! 

Update! 6-12-2017

James Neal

Quick video explaining why the regular upload schedule stopped and what's going to happen from here. Enjoy!


Sorry! 5-11-2017

James Neal

Um... whoops. I haven't posted anything this week. Sorry about that! It's been finals week here and... well tomorrow I walk the stage at my college graduation. It may been a few weeks before we're back on the normally scheduled content. I've been trying to finalize something for my move to Nashville, TN, at the end of next week. For those that don't know, I will be interning there this summer with The Record Shop Recording Studios! I'm excited, and really I do plan to get back to a regular upload schedule. Until then, check out the song I put out last week!

Hello, Mr. Jefferson, It's A Pleasure (To Kill You) - Original Music

James Neal

And... here is the new music I've been promising for about a month now! This track is very different from things I've done in the past, and I'm pretty satisfied with how it turned out.

I discovered the band Mogwai through the game "Life is Strange", and I fell in love with them. I wanted to write something in the style of Mogwai, focusing on texture and instrumentation to keep things interesting, rather than chord changes. I think it turned out pretty well, in all honesty! Let me know what you think!

Big thanks to Serra Shuford for the album art!

Something, Something, Hell Week

James Neal

As you can see, there's been no post this week. I've been incredibly busy all week getting ready for final exams and with some graduation stuff, but don't worry! I'm filming a vlog for next week and there should definitely be new music up later this week! I'm just finalizing a few things with it and we'll be good to go!


James Neal




gen. -aich, pl. -aichean

battlefield, field of battle


"When a mortal man breaks a people, it is always blamed on the gods." - S.M. White


"Summit" - Coming July, 2017


James Neal

April 19, 2017

Log Entry - 2:22 AM

Begin entry: Day 742 without sleep. I'm slowly losing my sanity, and I can comfortably say I know exactly what the color purple tastes like (and yes... it tastes like grape soda). The shadows laugh at me, the lights are whispering behind my back. My first-mate has been acting strangely lately, and I'm expecting mutiny.

Except... I'm not on a ship and I haven't been awake for more than two years. That's absurd, who told you that?

It DOES feel like it, though. I dunno how to sleep anymore so I'm just gonna do the unhealthy thing and stay up through the night, then crash tomorrow night. I think I'm just stressed. I'm taking a seventeen hour semester, working, trying desperately to find an internship, build my portfolios, and somehow not starve along the way. It's getting pretty intense. 

Ya know what else is intense? This Overwatch: Uprising event. I've gotten nearly all of the achievements but just can't get a team coordinated enough to win on Legendary... which makes sense, because it's hard as shit. It's helping keep me awake tonight, though (along with the coffee and pop-punk... ya know, like We The Kings... hence the blog title...). 

I find it funny that two years ago I was so used to pulling these all-nighters that I went forty-four hours with no sleep, then just continued on my normal schedule, and now I can barely make it twelve hours without needing a nap. 

Welp... time to get back to keeping myself busy so I can stay awake.

Signing off.