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Whoo, boy!

James Neal

Whoa, I forgot I have a website kinda. I'll try to start updating regularly again.

Work has been kicking my ass recently. The job I mentioned back in August sadly didn't work out. There were no hard feelings when I left, as everyone that I worked with was incredible. They all just made me feel so motivated and driven. Unfortunately, the position just wasn't a good fit for me. 

Instead, I picked up a job through a staffing agency and I've been there since, just attempting to make/save some money while I figure things out. I've been feeling a lot better mentally and emotionally the last couple of weeks, though, and I'm starting to really have fun with music and art stuff again. I know it's after New Years, but at the end of this post check out a fun video I just put together for the holidays!

To update those who don't know, I'm planning on going back to school. I realized that my current education and skill set aren't going to get me to the place in life that I want to be at, so I intend to go back to Appalachian State to work on a Master's in Business Administration, and I'll concentrate in either International Business or Business Analytics. I'm actually super excited for it!

Also, I've been working a lot recently with a great songwriter named Ed! Check his stuff out here:

Thanks for reading guys. I'll try to stay more on top of the updates from now on! Enjoy this somewhat silly medley of Christmas carols, and check out the other new stuff on the channel!