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James Neal

April 19, 2017

Log Entry - 2:22 AM

Begin entry: Day 742 without sleep. I'm slowly losing my sanity, and I can comfortably say I know exactly what the color purple tastes like (and yes... it tastes like grape soda). The shadows laugh at me, the lights are whispering behind my back. My first-mate has been acting strangely lately, and I'm expecting mutiny.

Except... I'm not on a ship and I haven't been awake for more than two years. That's absurd, who told you that?

It DOES feel like it, though. I dunno how to sleep anymore so I'm just gonna do the unhealthy thing and stay up through the night, then crash tomorrow night. I think I'm just stressed. I'm taking a seventeen hour semester, working, trying desperately to find an internship, build my portfolios, and somehow not starve along the way. It's getting pretty intense. 

Ya know what else is intense? This Overwatch: Uprising event. I've gotten nearly all of the achievements but just can't get a team coordinated enough to win on Legendary... which makes sense, because it's hard as shit. It's helping keep me awake tonight, though (along with the coffee and pop-punk... ya know, like We The Kings... hence the blog title...). 

I find it funny that two years ago I was so used to pulling these all-nighters that I went forty-four hours with no sleep, then just continued on my normal schedule, and now I can barely make it twelve hours without needing a nap. 

Welp... time to get back to keeping myself busy so I can stay awake.

Signing off.